Feb 13, Bariloche to Buenos Aires, Argentina

Up early to head to the airport. Flight took off only a little late and we were landing in Buenos Aires around noon, to be picked up by Dario and Fer.

It is hot and muggy in the city! And it was apparently even hotter yesterday… We got in, dropped our stuff off at D & F’s little apartment exactly in the middle of BA, then took a short stroll in a nearby park and found some cold beer and warm pasta for lunch.

BA (the bits that we’ve walked around) reminds me of Manhattan but European… No traffic signals on lots of intersections means everyone drives slower but somewhat unpredictably, bunch of bike lanes with folks really using em, sidewalks are all paved with an assortment of tiles, restaurants and stores tucked into residential neighborhoods. Lots of classic residences (one or two storeys, big patio, high ceilings, modestly European looking from the street) are being torn down to make way for unremarkable apartments.

We found a little beer bar which would fit in downtown San Francisco and had some quite good IPAs. Then to a swanky-ish cocktail bar & restaurant which made quite good Sazeracs, but lost our food order, so we ended up sitting around for an hour or so longer than we intended.

Stayed up too late catching up with D & F!


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