Feb 14, Buenos Aires

Slept in real late, the fan keeping us just cool enough to stay asleep.

Lunch at a really sweet French cafe! If you find yourself in Villa Crespo, check out Cocu.

D & F showed us around a bit of the eastern edge BA… We drove through Recoleta’s big wide boulevards, past a bunch of government buildings in Monserrat, and checked out a big interesting market. Also went to Boca to walk around a bit, saw a huge line of Boca fans filing in to the stadium for a match that evening. I like that the caminito there is the most touristy feeling thing we’ve done in South America.

We found another bar with good IPAs (Sixtofer, from here in BA) and got some for later in the evening.

Got dinner at a place halfway between D & F’s place and the apartment that we’re renting for the next couple days (which has AC!).

Random observations… Lots more political graffiti here, but still also big beautiful murals. Apparently no one feels the need to pick up their dog’s shit. There’s ambient English with an American accent to be heard walking around for the first time in this trip (at least, around Palermo).


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